Sandia Peak Ski Area Open House

Open house to discuss the Sandia Peak Ski Area Master Development Plan (download PDF of flyer)


The Sandia Peak Ski Area Company has a Special Use permit to operate on the Cibola National Forest.  The permit requires a Master Development Plan (MDP) to provide a long-term framework for development of the ski area.  The current MDP (download PDF)proposes an assortment of summer and winter recreational opportunities and chairlift modifications.  It reflects environmental patterns and changes, variations in industrial technology, and trends in mountain resort recreation.  It is operationally efficient for the Ski Area.  The MDP is in compliance with Forest Service policy and the Cibola’s Land and Resource Management Plan and the proposed uses are allowed by the Ski Area Recreational Opportunity Enhancement Act of 2011.  The Sandia Peak Ski Area Company recently submitted a proposal to move ahead with the summer activities.  The Forest Service has 60 days to accept or deny the proposal or request changes.  Appropriate analysis will be completed under the National Environmental Policy Act.