Wilderness Areas Landing Page

The Wilderness Act established an enduring resource of wilderness -- lands that are affected primarily by the forces of nature, where man is a visitor who does not remain.

Four wilderness areas lie within the boundaries of the Cleveland National Forest:

  • Agua Tibia Wilderness - 2 hours northeast of San Diego, CA.
  • Pine Creek Wilderness - Less than 2 hours east of San Diego, CA.
  • Hauser Wilderness- Less than 2 hours east of San Diego, CA.
  • San Mateo Canyon Wilderness - less than 2 hours north of San Diego, CA, off Interstate Highway 15.

Wilderness areas provide more than an opportunity to find solitude and natural beauty; Wilderness environments provide crucial habitat for many species of animal and plant life! Forests act as a watershed storing rain and snow for gradual release to streams and rivers. These unique and protected areas also provide environments for people to study dynamics of natural ecological relationships.