Explore our CCC heritage

CCC Logo for textThe Civilian Conservation Corps and Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest played big roles in the reforestation of northern Wisconsin, which in 1933 was heavily logged and burned over.  On the CNNF, there are more than 100 sites associated with the Corps. These include structures buildings, bridges, pine plantations, former CCC camps and fire towers.  Some of the sites still exist and are still in use, others have been reconstructed and many have just pieces remaining. Some have been demolished or removed.

The CNNF protects historic sites (including CCC sites) in accordance with Federal laws and regulations.   Due to vandalism, lack of evaluation or state of decay, the locations of many of the CCC sites remains sensitive data.  Some CCC sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and require additional management.

We picked a few of the sites that have something to see, are easy to access and that are open to the public. We put together information, pictures and maps to help you learn more about them and the role of CCC on the CNNF.  We hope you find it interesting, fun and educational. 


Heritage Tours

 Eagle River – Florence Ranger District Heritage Sites

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Lakewood-Laona Ranger District Heritage Sites

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Great Divide Ranger District Heritage Sites

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Medford - Park Falls Ranger District Heritage Sites

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Washburn Ranger District Heritage Sites

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Medford - Park Falls Map

Medford-Park Falls Ranger District MAP

Great Divide - Washburn Map

Great Divide Washburn Ranger District Map

Eagle River - Florence Map

Eagle River-Florence Ranger District MAP