Christmas Tree Permits

Many people enjoy the experience of hiking in the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree. While the trees in the forest are not professionally trimmed or groomed, many enjoy them for their natural appearance. The most popular tree species is balsam fir, which is plentiful and retains needles very well. Balsam firs are not as abundant on the Washburn District, and, as a result, red and scotch pines are preferred. Permits are issued from late fall to the end of December.

Cost: $5.00 per tree (limit of 5 trees per person). A transportation tag will be issued for each tree, which must be attached to the tree prior to loading and hauling.

Fourth grades are eligible to receive a free Christmas tree permit through the Every Kid in a Park initiative. In order for students to receive a free tree permit, they must present a valid voucher printed from the Every Kid in a Park website at‚Äč

Other Conditions:

  1. The permit must be in your possession when cutting the Christmas tree.
  2. Trees must be cut as close to the ground as possible, at least within 6 inches of the ground.
  3. Any debris or branches from the cutting should be removed from the cleared portion of roads and trails.
  4. The maximum height of trees allowed for cutting will be twenty (20) feet, unless otherwise specified on the permit.
  5. Trees may be cut along roads and trails, although harvesters are asked to consider aesthetics and safety.
  6. Trees cut under a Forest Product Permit are for personal use and are not to be sold for commercial purposes.
  7. No Northern White Cedar or Hemlock may be cut.

Permits are NOT available at the Northern Great Lakes Visitors Center.