Birch Grove Campground (Temporarily Open)

Birch Grove campsite with fallen trees.

In July 2016, a windstorm hit the Bayfield Peninsula causing heavy damage to the Birch Grove Campground on the Washburn Ranger District and the associated boat landings and trails.                                              

Impacts of the storm included the loss of most of the birch canopy in the campground; blown over trees, damaged roads, campsites, buildings, arid hand pumps, and erosion associated with rapid water run-off impacting the lake edge, boat landings, and parking lots.

The Forest Service has started the restoration work by completing a salvage harvest and cleaning up the woody debris. Also, a new concrete vault toilet was installed to replace two storm-damaged wooden toilets.

The storm and its impacts have presented the opportunity to refine the recreation opportunities to better align with current and future public use. For example, reconfiguring some campsites to provide vehicle pull-through access and creating a large group camping area.

The Forest Service is proposing to restore the campground in phases in order to open the facility.  Phase one will focus on restoring the campground for use and Phase two will be looking at a new group camping area, rehabilitating the trail and forest restoration efforts.

Logs stacked as clean up happens on Birch Grove. Photo of Birch Grove Campsite after heavy winds Ariel view of Birch Grove Campground


Campground Temporarily Open

Access is best coming in from the north- County Road C to 252. See you soon! 67325 Orlowski Road, Iron River, WI 54847 | Learn More

Birch Grove Campground is temporarily open.


 “Our intent is that once the clean-up, repairs and redesign are complete the campground will better meet the needs of the public and protect the natural resources,” said Davalos.