Current Red Rock District Road Status

Soldier Pass Roads

A permit is required to drive a motorized vehicle into the Soldier Pass roads (FRs 9904, 9904B, and 9904C). A limited number of passes are issued for each day. Visit the Soldier Pass Motorized Use Permits page to request a permit. Read the Final decision released on Soldier Pass motorized use press release for more information about the change to motorized access in this area.

Note: Not all forest roads are listed here. This page lists main and frequented routes only and is updated only as new information becomes available. Always abide by on-the-ground closures/barricades.

Forest Roads in the District

Forest Road Status
FR 119 (Well Road) - Montezuma Well N.M. Open
FR 121 (Lawrence Crossing) Open
FR 152 (Gravel) - Vultee Arch OHV Trail - (Trails access: Devils Bridge, David Miller, Secret Canyon, HS Canyon, Vultee Arch, Dry Creek, Bear Sign) Open
FR 152A & FR 9513 (Diamondback Gulch OHV) Open
FR 152C Aerie to 525 (gravel) (Boynton Pass Road) Open
FR 153 (Lower Schnebly Hill Road) - (Huckaby TH to Merry Go Round) Open
FR 153 (Upper Schnebly Hill Road) - (Merry Go Round to I-17) Open
FR 179F (Broken Arrow) Open
FR 213F (Rarick Canyon) - (FR 213 & 644) Road Closed Symbol
FR 214 (Lower Cedar Flat) Open
FR 214 at Twin Buttes Tank (Upper Cedar Flat) - FR 9236K Road Closed Symbol
FR 215 (Bull Pen) Open
FR 229 (Apache Maid) - FR 213/Apache Maid access Open
FR 229E Road Closed Symbol
FR 230 (Apache Maid) - FR 213/Apache Maid access Open
FR 230E Road Closed Symbol
FR 237 - Dispersed camping Road Closed Symbol
FR 502 at FR 708 (Childs Road) - Childs CG Verde Hot Springs TH Open
FR 525 (Red Canyon Road) - 89A to 152C Junction Open
FR 525 at FR 795 (Honanki) -FR 525 & 795 (Pink Jeep) Open
FR 525A & 761B (Ranch Loop OHV Trail) - FR 525C/525A & FR 761/761B Open
FR 525C at FR 525 & 761 (Sycamore Pass Road) - Trail access: Dogie, Casner Mtn, Mooney Open
FR 535 - Dispersed camping Road Closed Symbol
FR 618 - Gravel (Beaver Creek Road) - V-V Heritage site to HWY 260 Open
FR 633 (Jordan Road) - Trail access: Brins Mesa, Jordan, Jim Thompson, Cibola Pass Open
FR 689 (Blue Grade Road) - Stoneman Lake Road & FR 618 Open
FR 708 (Fossil Creek Road - Coconino side from AZ260 to Fossil Creek Bridge) Open
FR 708 (Fossil Creek Road - Tonto side to Bob Bear Trailhead) Call Tonto National Forest at (928) 474-7900 for status.
FR 761 (Bill Grey Road) Open
FR 795 (Palatki) Open
FR 796 (Spring Creek Road) Open
FR 8 at FR 525C/ FR 9529 (Casner Mountain Road) - FR 9529/Motorized Trail #8 Road Closed Symbol
FR 80 (Rattlesnake Canyon from FR 213 to junction with FR 80/FR 239) Road Closed Symbol
FR 9201J Road Closed Symbol
FR 9202Y - Forest Glen Road & FR 618 Open
FR 9205K (Greengate) Open
FR 9549/ 9549B/ 9549M (Outlaw OHV Trail) - FR 525/9549B & 525C/9549 & FR 9549M Open
FR 9587 (Mystic Vista) - FR 152C & 9587 Open
FR 9845/ FR 9845A (Cliffhanger Road) - FR 9845/89A & 216 Open
FR 9904 (Soldier Pass Road) - By permit only Open
FR 9D (Powerline - Fossil) - seasonal designated section (below sheep corrals) Road Closed Symbol
FR 9D - Non-seasonal designated section (from Hwy 260 to sheep corrals-cattle guard) Open
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