Current Mogollon Rim District Road Status

Updated: 02/01/2019 15:52 PM MST


Detail view of the Travel Map showing the San Francisco Peaks area

The Digital Travel Map is an free resource for anyone headed out into the Coconino National Forest. Whether you're driving, hiking, riding, or exploring, you will find this full color, GPS-enabled map a handy reference to have on your mobile device. The map show trails, recreation sites, major landmarks, and forest boundaries in addition to the roads shown on the Motor Vehicle Use Map.

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Click on the Forest Road links below to see where the road is located in Google Maps.

Note: Not all forest roads are listed here. This page lists main and frequented routes only and is updated only as new information becomes available. Always abide by on-the-ground closures/barricades.

Click the links in the table below to see where each Forest Road is located in Google Maps.


Forest Roads north of Highway 87

Forest Road Status
FR 81 (West Clear Creek) CLOSED
FR 82 (Long Lake) CLOSED
FR 92 (Gooseberry Springs) CLOSED
FR 93 (Willow Valley Dam) CLOSED
FR 135 (Hutch Mountain) CLOSED
FR 135D (Happy Jack) CLOSED
FR 142 (West Clear Creek) CLOSED
FR 144 (Hicks & Duncan Canyon) CLOSED
FR 149 (Hicks & Duncan Canyon) CLOSED
FR 213 (Stoneman Lake) Open (year-round)
FR 229 (Buck Mountain) CLOSED
FR 294 (Bargaman Park) CLOSED
FR 616 (Pivot Rock) CLOSED
FR 632 (Clints Well) CLOSED
FR 9033H (Clints Well) CLOSED


Forest Roads south of Highway 87 to the Mogollon Rim

Forest Road Status
FR 95 (East Clear Creek) CLOSED
FR 96 (Fred Haught Ridge) CLOSED
FR 123 (Battleground) CLOSED
FR 137 (Buck Springs) CLOSED
FR 139A (Houston Draw) CLOSED
FR 141 (Jones Crossing) CLOSED
FR 147 (Potato Lake) CLOSED
FR 295E (Knoll Lake) CLOSED
FR 300 (Rim Road) CLOSED
FR 308 (Kehl Ridge) CLOSED
FSR 321 (Dane Ridge) CLOSED
FR 613 (Dirty Neck Canyon) CLOSED
FR 751 (C.C. Cragin Reservoir)
Vehicle length restrictions: Vehicles over 22' and vehicles with trailers over 50' overall prohibited past Rock Crossing Campground.
Reservoir closed until mid to late April 2019. For more information call the Mogollon Rim Ranger District at 928-527-5000.


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