AZ-COF Fuels Crew 4

Crew 4 logo on background photo of Crew 4 on the North Fire, Cibola NF, New Mexico, 2016


Crew 4 is a multi-faceted, fuels funded, 10 person crew based on the Flagstaff Ranger District of the Coconino National Forest.  Crew 4 is the District’s only dedicated fuels implementation and monitoring force.  Crew 4 assists the district in fuels measuring; fire effects monitoring, fuels treatment, GIS data collection and integration and prescribed fire implementation. Crew 4 also serves a flexible initial attack fire management resource and a longer term workforce on managed fire for resource benefit events. 


Crew History

The large fire dependent ecosystems of Northern Arizona require fuels management to be at the forefront of the Coconino National Forest’s mission. The Coconino has a long history of forward thinking and adaptive fuels management.  As the mission of the Forest Service has changed over the years, the need for a dedicated fuels management workforce has become vital to maintaining a healthy forest.

In 2007, the two 5 person fuels modules on the Mormon Lake RD and Peaks RD combined to form Crew 4. The crew was split into an implementation squad and a surveying/monitoring squad, each supervised by a Fuels Technician.  The District converted one of those Fuels Technicians to a Handcrew Supervisor in 2010 and 2011 marked the first year Crew 4 was configured in its current organization of a combined 10 person crew. Crew 4 is one of the few dedicated fuels crew in the Southwest.



Core Values

Flexibility, readiness, safety and development are Crew 4 core values.  We seek to provide a highly functioning, multi-talented workforce to support all aspects of fuels and fire management. Our mission will continue to change as the nature of forest management changes. We will continue to develop our skill set to best meet the needs of the forest, while maintaining our dedication to safety and crew cohesion.   Please see Crew 4’s 2016 accomplishments for an idea of the diversity of work the crew does.



2016 AZ-COF-Crew 4 Accomplishments


Activity Days Acres
Hazard Fuels Reductions 6 24
RX Preparation 17 2,957
RX Implementation 15 6,187
Fuels Inventory/Surveying 2  
Training 7  
Work with Other Resources 6  
Miles Driven 31,000  


Activity Days
Wildland Fire (Full Suppression)
Initial Attack (Type 5/4) 21
Extended Attack (Type 3) 4
Large Fire (Type 2/1) 19
Wildland Fire (Management) 40
Total Fire 84


Incident Qualifications and Certification System (IQCS) Roles Filled

  • ICT5: Incident Commander Type 5
  • ICT4: Incident Commander Type 4
  • ICT3 (T): Incident Commander Type 3 (Trainee)
  • DIVS: Division/Group Supervisor
  • FIRB: Firing Boss, Single Resource
  • CRWB: Crew Boss, Single Resource
  • HEQB: Heavy Equipment Boss, Single Resource
  • RXB2: Prescribed Fire Burn Boss Type 2
  • FEMO: Fire Effects Monitor
  • HECM: Helicopter Crewmember
  • FFT1: Firefighter Type 1
  • ENGB (T): Engine Boss, Single Resource (Trainee)

Position Task Books Completed

  • FFT1: Firefighter Type 1
  • ICT5: Incident Commander Type 5
  • FIRB: Firing Boss, Single Resource
  • CRWB: Crew Boss, Single Resource
  • ICT4: Incident Commander Type 4
  • FEMO: Fire Effects Monitor



Almost every employee in the Fire Management program plays a role in fuels management. However, there are several dedicated positions, devoted to effective fuels management.


Crew 4 Organization Chart

Crew 4 Organization Chart
click image for a larger view


Fuels Crew 4 tackled the Climb to Conquer Cancer!

Fuels Crew 4 from the Coconino National Forest participated in the American Cancer Society fundraiser Climb to Conquer Cancer of Flagstaff on August 20, 2016. Nearly 4,000 people walked the seven-mile road to the Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort.

Crew 4 hiked up the road carrying their hand tools, fire packs and four chain saws.  Fuels Crew 4,  using the team name “Crew 4 Climbers,” even have a cancer survivor on their team, Charlie Vich, making the event even more special. The event raised more than $231,000 to honor cancer survivors, raise awareness about reducing cancer risk, and raise money to help the American Cancer Society fight the disease.

For more information on the event or how you can help visit American Cancer Society Climb to Conquer Cancer of Flagstaff.


Contacts for Crew 4

Aaron Graeser, Crew Captain,, 928-527-8221 
Corey Wilson, Assistant Crew Captain,, 928-527-8218
Anthony Acheson, Squad Leader,, 928-527-8218