Outdoor Ethics: Sedona No Drone Zone

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"Drone" Flights in the Sedona Area

Map of No Drone Zone where unmanned aerial system flight is restricted around the Sedona airport

Sedona No Drone Zone Map
[PDF, 3.5 MB]

If you plan to fly your remote controlled plane, quadcopter, or other unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)—commonly called "drones"—on or over the Coconino National Forest, you are required follow Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidance. The FAA is the authority that regulates airspace and flights.

  • Recreational flights within five miles of an airport are prohibited without prior authorization. This includes the area for five miles around the Sedona airport.
  • Operating, launching, or landing a UAS on designated Wilderness Area lands is illegal. Motorized and mechanized equipment is prohibited by federal law in Wilderness Areas, including the Red Rock-Secret Mountain and Munds Mountain Wilderness Areas around Sedona.


The Sedona No Drone Zone map [PDF, 3.5 MB] shows the Sedona airport and Wilderness areas where unauthorized UAS flights are prohibited.


Visit the Sedona Airport website for more information and an online UAS/UAV airport notification form. Notification is required before flying within five miles of the airport.


See Flying Unmanned Aircraft Systems for more tips, regulations, details, and resources on flying your UAS on the Coconino National Forest.


Reference: Trails, Trailheads, and the No Drone Zone

The Sedona area No Drone Zone covers all or part of the following trails and recreation sites. While this list is extensive, some locations may not be listed. It is your responsibility to ensure your are flying in an area open to UAS flights. The Sedona No Drone Zone trails map [PDF, 3.5 MB] shows where the Sedona airport restricted area and Wilderness Areas are in relation to trails and trailheads in the Sedona area. See Red Rock Country Recreation Maps for recreation and trails maps that are useful in conjunction with the No Drone Zone maps.



  • Bell Rock
  • Canyon of Fools
  • Casner Canyon
  • Chapel
  • Chimney Rock Pass
  • Cockscomb
  • Coconino Spur
  • Courthouse Loop
  • Cowpies
  • Cowpies
  • Coyote
  • Crusty
  • Crusty
  • Dairy Springs Loop
  • Dawa
  • Devils Bridge
  • Easy Breezy
  • Elmerville Spur
  • Girdner
  • Grand Central
  • Hangover
  • Herkenham
  • Hermit
  • High on the Hog
  • Hiline
  • Hog Heaven
  • Hog Wash
  • Hot Loop
  • House Mountain
  • HT
  • Huckaby
  • Jacks Canyon
  • Javelina
  • Jim Bryant
  • Jim Thompson
  • Jordan
  • Kaibab
  • Lime Kiln
  • Little Horse
  • Lizard Head
  • Llama
  • Long Canyon
  • Lower Chimney Rock
  • Made in the Shade
  • Manzanita
  • Margs
  • Mescal
  • Middle
  • Munds Mountain
  • Munds Wagon
  • Mystic
  • Oak Creek
  • OK
  • Old Post
  • Overeasy
  • Peccary
  • Phone
  • Pigtail
  • Pine Valley
  • Powerline Plunge
  • Pyramid
  • Ramshead
  • Red Rock Crossing
  • Red Rock Loop
  • Ridge
  • Rupp
  • Schnebly Hill
  • Schuerman Mountain
  • Schuerman Mountain Vista
  • Scorpion
  • Sedona View
  • Shorty
  • Sketch
  • Skywalker
  • Slim Shady
  • Snake
  • Soldier Pass
  • Sugar Loaf Loop
  • Sugar Loaf Summit
  • Summit
  • Super Secret Slickrock
  • Table Top
  • Tea Cup
  • Templeton
  • Thunder Mountain
  • Turkey Creek
  • Twin Buttes
  • Two Fence
  • Wilson Canyon
  • Wilson Mountain
  • Yavapai Vista
  • Yucca


Trailheads and Other Recreation Sites

  • Airport Saddle
  • Allens Bend
  • Andante
  • Baldwin
  • Brins Mesa
  • Broken Arrow
  • Carroll Canyon
  • Cathedral Rock
  • Chavez Crossing
  • Courthouse Vista
  • Crescent Moon Ranch
  • Dawa
  • Devils Bridge
  • Dry Creek Vista
  • Grasshopper Point
  • Herkenham/Schuerman Mountain
  • Huckaby
  • Jim Thompson
  • Little Horse
  • Long Canyon
  • Lower Red Rock Loop
  • Midgely Bridge
  • Mystic
  • Oak Creek Visitor Center
  • Old Post
  • Schnebly Hill
  • Soldier Pass
  • South Bell Rock Pathway
  • Sugar Loaf
  • Thunder Mountain
  • Yavapai Vista


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