Thank you to Troop 217 for helping keep the forest clean!

Troop 217 came up from the Valley of the Sun to the winter wonderland of Arizona's high country to camp, hike, and help clean up the forest! Lane Spencer sent us this lovely thank you note and photos of the scouts picking up trash around the forest.


Troop 217 on a snowy hike, picking up trash around the forestTroop 217 from Mesa Arizona would like to thank you for your help in planning our recent campout that took place just off of Fire Road 151 and US 180. We called and spoke with your office to make sure we understood where we could camp as well as gathered some info that assisted us to successfully complete a 2 mile snow shoe hike.

Troop 217 picking up trash around the forestDuring our campout we also took the opportunity to collect any trash or garbage while on our hike. We didn’t find a lot while on the hike which was to be expected as there was snow on the ground but we did spend a good amount of time cleaning up the parking lot area. There were all kinds of disgusting things left behind from other snow seeking ventures like dirty socks, gloves, hats, garbage and our favorite was the diapers.

We wanted to thank you for all you do to make the outdoors such a great experience and providing us with info to help us plan our trip.


From all of us here at the Coconino National Forest to Troop 217: Thank you for all your hard work helping keep Arizona's forests pristine and beautiful!