Red Rock Pass Fee Program Proposal

The Coconino National Forest is seeking comments from the public regarding proposed changes to the Red Rock Pass (RRP) fee program that will enable continued improvements to two new stand-alone fee sites, and reduce public confusion about fee sites versus fee areas.

It is proposed that the two current fee areas along State Routes 89A and 179 be eliminated, while recreation sites within the two current fee areas are retained as stand-alone fee sites. The proposal also seeks to add two new stand-alone fee sites to the Red Rock Pass program, to include Dry Creek Vista/Picnic Site and Fay Canyon Vista/Trailhead. This would result in a total of 20 stand-alone fee sites.

The addition of the two new stand-alone fee sites will enable the Forest to make continued investments in these highly-visited sites, such as more frequent servicing of the toilets and trash cans and improved maintenance of the other on-site facilities.

The Forest is not proposing any change to the amount of the current Red Rock Pass fee. There are currently 18 fee sites in the Red Rock Pass program, which will remain as stand-alone fee sites and include (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Baldwin Trailhead
  • Banjo Bill Picnic Site
  • Bell Rock Vista and Picnic Site
  • Bootlegger Picnic Site
  • Boynton Trailhead
  • Cathedral Rock Vista and Trailhead
  • Courthouse Vista and Picnic Site
  • Doe/Bear Mountain Trailhead
  • Encinoso Picnic Site
  • Halfway Picnic Site
  • Honanki Heritage Site
  • Huckaby Trailhead and Picnic Site
  • Jim Thompson Trailhead
  • Little Horse Trailhead and Picnic Site
  • Midgley Bridge Vista and Picnic Site
  • Palatki Heritage Site
  • V bar V Heritage Site
  • Yavapai Trailhead and Vista

All Red Rock Pass fee program sites will have the required amenities prior to a decision on this proposal.

Approximately 90 percent of the revenue generated by fees is used for the care, upkeep and enhancement of the fee sites, to improve visitor service and protect the environment. The Sedona/Red Rock area receives more than 2 million visitors annually, many of whom visit the Coconino National Forest. The Red Rock Pass fee program is designed to provide high quality forest vistas, trailheads and picnic areas to meet the expectations of the area’s visitors.

The proposal will also be presented before a citizens group known as the Resource Advisory Council (RAC) and then receives a final decision from the Forest Service Southwest Regional Forester.

The public can submit comments by emailing Adam Barnett at or by sending mail to Red Rock District, P.O. 20429, Sedona, AZ 86341.

Comments are most useful if submitted by August 1, 2016. For more information please contact Adam Barnett at 928-203-7529.


Update June 29, 2015: Comment period was changed from January 1, 2016 to August 1, 2016 [see news release].