2018 Forest Plan

View of the PeaksThe Coconino National Forest has completed the revision of its Forest Plan! A forest land and resource management plan, or Forest Plan, provides integrated, forest-wide guidance for all forest uses and activities on National Forest lands.

Monitoring Transition to Focal Species

In order to comply with the requirements of the 2012 Planning Rule, the Coconino National Forest must make an administrative change to the Monitoring Strategy (Chapter 5 of the Coconino Revised Forest Plan). The Coconino NF has prepared proposed changes to the monitoring strategy, specifically the transition from management indicator species (MIS) to focal species, identifying and monitoring for these focal species. For more information on this requirement, please see the cover letter notifying of this administrative change to the revised Forest Plan. The proposed changes are specified in the document Coconino National Forest Monitoring Transition to Focal Species.

These proposed changes are available for public review and comment for 30 days, from December 24, 2018 through January 23, 2019. The forest will carefully consider all comments received on this proposed administrative change before finalizing this change.

You may send your comments via e-mail to: comments-southwestern-coconino@fs.fed.us, or via letter to:

Annette Fredette, Forest Planner

Coconino National Forest

1824 S. Thompson Street

Flagstaff, AZ  86001


The appeal period for the Coconino Revised Forest Plan closed Aug. 23

To review appeals filed on the 2018 Forest Plan, click this link and the "Post-Decision" heading.

May 2018 Plan Revision Update

After years of work and collaboration, the Coconino National Forest is elated in the release of its revised Final Land and Resource Management Plan (revised management plan) and Environmental Impact Statement, along with the Record of Decision signed by the Southwest Regional Forester Cal Joyner. The revised management plan is the culmination of over a decade of collaboration between the Coconino NF, partners, stakeholders, and the public. Key provisions in the revised management plan provide guidance to restore and, or maintain the broadest range of ecosystems of any national forest in the Southwest. We want to thank everyone for their participation in this important effort which provides direction to sustainably manage the Coconino NF’s unique natural resources for the next 15 years.

While much of the management direction from the 1987 Plan has been retained, in one manner or another, the revised management plan provides greater flexibility on the management of wildland fires and seeks to return the forest to its nature-based fire dependent ecosystem. It also provides more inclusive recreation management and addresses watershed, riparian, and wildlife habitat maintenance and restoration. The revised management plan recommends three wilderness areas totaling approximately 8,700 acres. If designated by Congress, these recommended wilderness areas would expand three designated wilderness areas (Kachina Peaks, Strawberry Crater, and Fossil Creek).

The documents are available for download on the project website. Paper and mediums with the electronic copies of the plan and EIS are available at the Coconino NF’s Supervisor’s Office, 1824 South Thompson Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86001, or by calling 928-527-3600 during regular business hours.

A Notice of Availability (NOA) was published May 25, 2018 in the Federal Register. The plan will go into effect 30 days after this publication of the NOA. A 90-day appeal period will begin after the publication of the legal notice in the Forest’s newspaper of record, the Arizona Daily Sun. A legal notice was published concurrently with the NOA in the Arizona Daily Sun on May 25, 2018. The legal notice starts the 90-day appeal filing period and it will close on Aug. 23, 2018.

Information on Appeal Process

This decision is subject to administrative review. A written notice of appeal must be filed in duplicate and postmarked or received within 90 days after the date the legal notice of this decision is published in the newspaper of record for the Coconino NF (The Arizona Daily Sun). As noted above, the legal notice was published concurrently with the NOA on May 25, 2018 and the appeal filing period will close on Aug. 23, 2018.

An appeal of the decision must clearly state that it is a Notice of Appeal being filed pursuant to the Optional Appeal Procedures. Appeals must meet the content requirements of Section 9 of the Optional Appeal Procedures [PDF].

Appeals must be filed with the Chief of the Forest Service at:

Physical address (for UPS and FedEx deliveries):

USDA Forest Service

Attn: Appeal Reviewing Officer

201 14th Street, SW

Yates Building, EMC, 2CE

Washington, DC 20024

(Note: If a phone number is needed for carrier delivery, use: 202-205-1449)

Regular mail:

USDA Forest Service

Attn: Appeal Reviewing Officer

1400 Independence Ave., SW

EMC, Mailstop 1104

Washington, DC 20250

Appeals may also be faxed (Fax number is 202-649-1172) or appeals may be mailed electronically in a common digital format to:

Requests to stay the approval of this Land and Resource Management Plan shall not be granted (Optional Appeal Procedures, section 217.10 (b)).

Final decisions on proposed projects will be made on a site-specific basis using appropriate analysis and documentation in compliance with NEPA. Project decisions may be subject to the appropriate administrative review procedures, at the time the project decision is made.

  • A statement that the document is a Notice of Appeal filed pursuant to the Optional Appeal procedures;

  • The name, address, and telephone number of the appellant;

  • Identification of the decision to which the appeal is being made;

  • Identification of the document in which the decision is contained, by title and subject, date of the decision, and name and title of the Deciding Officer;

  • Identification of the specific portion of the decision to which the appeal is made;

  • The reasons for appeal, including issues of fact, law, or regulation, or policy and, if applicable, specifically how the decision violates law, regulation, or policy;

  • Identification of the specific change(s) in the decision that the appellant seeks.

  • Recommendations for designations such as additions to the National Wilderness System are preliminary administrative recommendations that will receive further review and possible modification by the Chief of the Forest Service, the Secretary of Agriculture, and/or the President of the United States. The Congress has reserved the authority to make final decisions on wilderness on federal lands; therefore, wilderness recommendations in the revised plan are not appealable under the agency’s administrative appeal procedures (Section 4 of the Optional Appeal Procedures).


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