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  • Bark Beetles

Drought stressed trees can easily die from beetle infestation because they cannot produce enough pitch to protect themselves from the insects. [More]

  • Aphids

The sticky substance that is causing the sheen on the needles of trees, the sticky film on your vehicle windshields and the goopy mess on sidewalks and roads is caused by aphids. [More]

  • Tiger Moth

This is a new fact sheet on Tiger Moth produced by the Arizona Zone ofthe US Forest Service Forest Health Protection Group, Tom DeGomez, PhD, University of Arizona Forest Health Specialist. These insects are fairly common so this publication may be helpful to you. [More] (91kb .pdf)




  • Aspen

Those white-barked beauties are known for their golden fall foliage and leaves that tremble in the breeze. But aspen have more than just their good looks working for them.  They are a critical component of our northern Arizona forests.  Lots of wildlife species call aspen “home”, such as mule deer and the red-naped sapsucker, to name a couple of residents. [More]

  • Hazard Tree Alert

True firs that survived wildfires are failing in as little as three years. This is a one-page article about trees damaged by fire [More] (116kb .pdf)

  • Thinning Ponderosa Pine

The University of Arizona has published a new fact sheet titled "Guidelines
for Thinning Ponderosa Pine for Improved Forest Health and Fire
Prevention". [More] (767kb .pdf file) 

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