Temporary closure of sections of trails near thinning operation in Schultz Pass area, Flagstaff

Contact(s): Sean Murphy (Flagstaff Ranger District) 928-527-8225, Media Contact: Brady Smith 928-527-3490

June 8, 2016 - Trails reopened: This closure is no longer in effect. Logging operations ceased and trails were cleaned up.


Flagstaff, Arizona — As forest thinning operations associated with the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project in an area south of San Francisco Peaks continue, certain sections of trails will be closed for public safety.

Signs will be posted at the trailheads and along sections of the Weatherford Trail, Secret Trail and the Arizona Trail (Passage 34) in areas closed for safety. The sections of trails will be closed until operations concluded and the area is safe for public use.

Questions can be directed to Sean Murphy at the Flagstaff Ranger District at 928-527-8225.


Notes for Hikers, Bikers, Riders, and Backpackers

This closure impacts the following trails and trail systems:


  • Arizona National Scenic Trail Passage 34 (AZT-34) is closed between the Weatherford (Schultz Tank) trailhead and AZT urban split (northern end of AZT-33). Through hikers can use Schultz Creek Trail and Sunset Trail (access from Schultz Tank) as a detour to navigate between Weatherford trailhead and the AZT-34/AZT-33 urban split.
  • Weatherford Trail is closed between the trailhead at Schultz Tank and the junction with Kachina Trail. The trail can  be accessed at the end of FR 552 (Friedlein Prarie Road) using the "Kachina Access" trail. Turn right where the access trail meets Kachina Trail, hike 0.25 mile to the junction with Weatherford Trail. Turn left at the juntion to continue up Weatherford.
  • Secret Trail (Fort Valley Trail System) is closed between the Newman Trail (in the Fort Valley Trail System) and Sunset trailhead (Schultz Pass). Use Schultz Creek Trail as a detour to navigate between Fort Valley Trail System and Sunset trailhead to access Dry Lake Hills and other trails in the Schultz Pass area.
  • Kachina Trail: Weatherford Trail is closed between the junction with Kachina Trail and Schultz Tank. Kachina Trail is open, but can only be accessed at the main trailhead on Snowbowl Road or the trail access at the end of FR 552 (Friedlein Prarie Road). Access to Kachina Trail from the Weatherford Trailhead in Schultz Pass is not possible while the closure is in effect.
  • Sunset Trail and Schultz Creek Trail serve as a detour for the Arizona Trail in the Schultz Pass area for AZT hikers and backpackers, and bikers and other recreationists travelling between the Fort Valley Trail System and Schultz Pass. There may be extra foot, bike, and horse traffic on these trails (particularly Schultz Creek). Be alert, ride with care, and please follow trail etiquette (bikers yield to hikers, everyone yields to equestrian riders).