Red Rock Ranger District receives $100K for trail maintenance from Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund

Release Date: Dec 20, 2016

Contact(s): Media Contact: Brady Smith, 928-527-3490, Media Contact: George Jozens 928-527-3412

Sedona, Arizona — The Red Rock Ranger District of Coconino National Forest recently received $100,000 from the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund to conduct essential maintenance on trails surrounding Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek.

Trail crew improving a trail“It’s great having such supportive partners in the Sedona community,” said Red Rock District Ranger Nicole Branton.. “This district gets millions of visitors a year, and the trails in the area are a mecca for mountain bikers, hikers and nature lovers. Due to high use, sandy soil and intense monsoon storms, the trails require a lot of attention and maintenance—so these funds will go a long way in sustaining local trails.”

The Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund (SRRTF) was established as a non-profit organization in 2013 by local citizens who recognized the importance of trail maintenance to the protection of precious Red Rock Country. The mission of the organization is to sustain and enhance Red Rock trails.  The SRRTF board of directors includes local hikers, cyclists, runners and equestrians who work closely with the Red Rock Ranger District. In its first year, the Fund was able to donate $22,000 to the Forest Service for needed maintenance.

The Red Rock Ranger District often relies on local partnerships to make sure everyone has access to high quality, well-maintained trails.

“This year, the Fund received a substantial donation from the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau to renovate trails in the area between Sugarloaf and Chimney Rock,” said Jennifer Burns, Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund president. “The City of Sedona Small Grant program and Community Foundation of Sedona contributed to enhance trails in the Broken Arrow area. Other donations from businesses and individuals enable the Forest Service to conduct extensive trail maintenance they otherwise could not complete.”

The local business community, appreciating the benefits of such well known and spectacular trails, has stepped up to support needed improvements and maintenance, including donations from the Chamber of Commerce and individual businesses which include L’Auberge of Sedona, Sedona Real Hotel, Bike and Bean, The Hike House, and Over the Edge Sports. The SRRTF has also received significant donations from individual visitors and residents by maintaining a presence at local events such as the Sedona Marathon, Sedona International Film Festival, and the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival.

Trail maintenance in Red Rock Country costs more than $400,000 every year. To help solve this funding challenge, the SRRTF has sponsored a workgroup representing community organizations, businesses and individuals interested in maintaining the local trails. The group is working on creative and practical ideas for sustainable trail funding. Interested participants should contact Dan Blaettler of the SRRTF at (928) 274-7763. 

The great majority of donations that keep local trails healthy come from individuals who care about the trails they use. For more information, visit the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund.  Additional questions can be referred to Jennifer Burns, president of Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund at