Flagstaff watershed project lands bidder for timber sale

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., May 8, 2018, For Immediate Release – The Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project (FWPP) made marked progress last week after a Phoenix-based logging company successfully bid to take over a timber sale contract of 642 acres that had not been completed by a prior contractor in the area of Schultz Creek along the base of Mount Elden.

Dakota Logging LLC, the high bidder, has one year to complete the work, which will involve closure of areas and trails in the immediate logging area as work progresses.

“We are excited to see this watershed protection project moving forward,” said Ranger Mike Elson, Flagstaff Ranger District. “The logging that will be done under this contract is an important piece of FWPP, and will greatly reduce the risk of severe wildfire around the base of the mountain and next to the neighborhoods where we have seen fires start in the past.  This will reduce the risk of damage to the forest that so many people enjoy, and improve our ability to catch a fire before it moves higher on the mountain.”

Dakota Logging LLC has prior experience working timber sales throughout northern Arizona and has established relationships with several purchasers for their timber products.  Limited nearby markets for wood products, and difficulty establishing new processing facilities, continue to be the primary obstacles to accelerating forest thinning in our area.

“We’re excited to get this work underway, and look forward to Dakota Logging joining the Project,” said Paul Summerfelt, Flagstaff Fire Department Wildland Fire Management Officer and FWPP project manager.

For additional information on FWPP, please visit www.flagstaffwatershedprotection.org.