Coconino NF firewood permits go on sale April 12 | Wood cutting starts April 17

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., April 2, 2021 — The Coconino National Forest will begin selling firewood permits for the 2021 season starting April 12, and cutting season will begin April 17.

Purchases can be made by credit card over the phone, or by check through the mail. Purchasers using a credit card should call any of the ranger stations or the Forest Supervisor’s office during the hours of 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

  • Forest Supervisor’s Office, 928-527-3600 1824 S. Thompson Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86001
  • Flagstaff Ranger Station, 928-526-0866 5057 N. Hwy 89, Flagstaff, AZ 86004
  • Mogollon Rim Ranger Station, 928-477-2255 8738 Ranger Road, Happy Jack, AZ 86024
  • Red Rock Ranger Station, 928-203-2900 P.O. Box 20429, Sedona, AZ 86341

Whether purchasing by credit card or check, purchasers should be prepared to provide their name, address, phone number, type of identification and identification number, the names of any additional cutters, vehicle information, credit card information, the type of wood and number of cords desired.

The minimum cost for a permit is $20, with a maximum purchase of 12 cords per household. Permits allow for the cutting of down and dead wood, or standing wood that meets certain criteria in specified areas. The cost for oak, aspen, juniper and maple will be $5 per cord, and the cost for pine and mixed conifer will be $2.50 per cord.

Permits and associated load tags will be mailed to purchasers, along with a receipt and a firewood guide that includes cutting instructions and a map. Purchasers are required to sign and date the permit in the permittee line as soon as it is received.

Purchasing by mailed check

If purchasing by check, send a written request by mail to any of the offices previously mentioned, to the attention of “Timber Permits.” The written request should include your name, address, phone number, type of identification and identification number, the names of any additional cutters, the type of wood and number of cords desired. Your written request must be signed and dated, as well as include your check payment for the exact amount of cords being purchased — as long as the minimum of $20 is met.

Firewood permits allow for the following:

  1. Any dead wood lying on the ground can be removed.
  2. Dead standing pine or fir can be cut if less than 12 inches in diameter or less than 15 feet tall.
  3. Dead standing pinyon and juniper can be cut regardless of its size unless there is obvious wildlife use.
  4. Standing dead aspen less than 12 inches in diameter or less than 15 feet tall may be cut only from June 1 to Sept. 30.

Four load tags will be provided for each cord of wood issued on the permit. Load tags must be physically attached to each quarter of cord or less of firewood, punched or marked correctly, and visible from the rear of the vehicle.

Forest roads and other precautions

Most of the forest roads across the national forest are currently closed for the season but should open in the next couple of weeks. When roads open, motorists should keep from causing damage and ruts to roads that are soft and muddy. The status of main forest roads across the forest can be found on our Road Status page online.

Unless specified elsewhere in the permit or on its accompanying map, or identified as prohibited, motorized off-road travel is authorized to access and load firewood. The permit does not authorize motorized cross-country travel to scout for firewood, but it does authorize off-road vehicle use by the most direct route in and out of the area to accomplish firewood retrieval. Please exercise caution when driving off-road and avoid resource damage.

The Coconino National Forest now has GPS-enabled firewood maps for smartphones, tablets and Garmin GPS devices, which may be used as a supplement to the firewood guide issued with each permit.

Firewood cutters should be aware chainsaws can throw sparks and ignite grasses and brush, so please take care when cutting firewood. Always carry a shovel and a fire extinguisher or water in case of a fire start. Additionally, all chainsaws must be equipped with a stainless steel spark arrestor screen. As the season continues, cutters need to ensure they are aware of any fire restrictions by checking local Forest Service information.

Free use firewood areas

There are currently no free-use firewood areas designated for the 2021 season, but areas may be designated at a later point. Please check with your local Forest Service office periodically for any updates.

Other permit info

Additional forest and district permit programs such as Wildings, Post, Poles or House logs and Post and Stays will also be open for sale.

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