Mt Elden road now open to motor vehicles

Contact(s): Flagstaff Ranger Station: 928-526-0866

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., April 29, 2021 — Flagstaff Ranger District has opened the entirety of Elden Lookout road (Forest Road 557) to motor vehicles, which allows people to drive all the way to the top currently.

The road had been closed to motor vehicles for more than two years while helicopter logging operations took place and for public safety associated with the Museum Fire.

Although some post-fire mitigations have taken place, visitors should practice caution while in the burned area since there are still many trees damaged by fire. Visitors should avoid the area during windy days and be very thoughtful about where they park vehicles, so they avoid these fire-weakened trees.

Beyond falling trees, the area will be prone to rolling rocks and flood waters during rain events, so extra caution should be taken.

As monsoon begins in July, the district may be forced to close Elden Lookout road again to protect the public. This decision will be based on road, weather, and slope stability conditions.