General Fire Update August 10, 2015 (south of CC Cragin, aka Blue Ridge, Reservoir)

Contact(s): Coconino National Forest Supervisor's Office: 928-527-3600, Media Contact: Brady Smith 928-527-3490

Flagstaff, Ariz. -- The General fire is located just south of C.C. Cragin (aka Blue Ridge) Reservoir and is being managed for resource benefits, including reduction of hazardous forest fuels, improvement of wildlife habitat, understory vegetation enhancement, and forest disease and pest prevention.

“A combination of fuel conditions and weather are aiding firefighters and resource managers to use this wildfire to reduce fuels that under more severe conditions would lead to a damaging high severity fire,” said Linda Wadleigh, Mogollon Rim district ranger. “The wet spring we had has led to greener fuels, allowing firefighters to use the low intensity fire to safely meet objectives. In addition to protecting an important municipal watershed, reducing fire hazard in the area also means fewer threats to nearby private land and wildlife habitat when a more intense wildfire might occur.”


  • Date Reported: July 31, 2015
  • Cause: Lightning
  • Size: Currently 850 acres
  • Location: South of C.C. Cragin Reservoir, approximately seven miles east of Clints Well (Township=13, Range=11, Section=8)
  • Operations Today: Crews continue to mitigate any hazards and monitor the fire progression and activity. Management ignitions continue on high-use roads to ensure public safety, and use perimeter control lines to contain fire to planned area.
  • Smoke Impacts: The communities of Payson, Pine and Strawberry were impacted yesterday evening for a time as unexpected storm cells reversed the direction of smoke. Smoke is anticipated to move in a northeast direction and likely impact subdivisions within the Blue Ridge communities and surrounding area, lifting by mid-morning hours. However, communities which are near the reservoir (in all directions) could experience smoke if storm cells unexpectedly change the predicted smoke direction.
  • Closures: A southern fork of the reservoir, west of Dick Hart point, will be closed due the fire and in order to protect the public. Other closures include Forest Roads 719, 719F, 139A (north of Forest Road 95) and 95D.
  • Current Resources On Scene: Two crews (Globe State Fire and Mesa Hotshots), various overhead personnel and one boat to monitor the southern closure of the reservoir. Approximately 30 people total.
  • Injuries: None.

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