Forest Service proposes changes in managing Fossil Creek area

Release Date: Sep 21, 2015

Contact(s): Paula Cote 928-226-4686, Media Contact: Brady Smith 928-527-3490

Sedona, Ariz. — The Red Rock Ranger District of the Coconino National Forest is seeking comments from the public on two Fossil Creek Wild and Scenic River (WSR) proposals.

The first proposal would implement additional interim management actions to protect WSR river resources and address public safety. These short-term management actions would include managing day-use capacity, reducing overnight camping within the WSR corridor (including Fossil Springs), establishing an online reservation system for WSR corridor vehicle access, and using temporary entry booths to manage traffic according to the reservation system.  An increase in use and over-crowded conditions at the Fossil Creek and Fossil Springs area has created traffic problems and safety issues for visitors to the area, which resulted in proposals to manage the area better. As the Forest Service develops the proposed action, the comments received help focus the analysis on relevant issues related to the project. Details on this proposal are online at Fossil Creek WSR Interim Management (2015).


The second proposal includes a geotechnical soil survey which would involve sample drilling and limited material excavation in the vicinity of the historic Fossil Creek Bridge. The survey would be used to gather information about site conditions so that specific engineering plans can be made to replace the bridge that provides access to the Fossil Creek WSR across a steep drainage. Details on this proposal can be found online at Fossil Creek Wild and Scenic River Geotechnical Soil Test .


To be the most helpful in the planning process, comments should be provided by October 22, 2015. For information on how to submit comments, see the links below for the respective projects. For other comment submittal options, please contact Paula Cote at 928-226-4686.