Red Rock Special Use Permits

There are some issues and regulations specific to the Red Rock District. These categories address some of them.

When do I need a special use permit?

  • When you charge money to participate in an activity on or to gain access to the national forest.
  • When you have 75 or more people attending a non-commercial event (e.g., family reunion, group picnic, wedding, etc).

The type of permit you need is based on the activity you wish to engage in. Please read the information below to determine what type of permit you may require.

All permit application forms may be submitted hardcopy to

Red Rock Ranger District
c/o Special Use Permits
P O. Box 20429
Sedona, AZ 86341

or e-mail Red Ranger District permits.


Non-Commercial Group Use

Non-commercial group uses don’t require a permit if fewer than 75 people participate. However, the Forest Service still appreciates a “heads up” call that a large gathering will occur. This also gives us the opportunity to work with you to make sure your desired site can accommodate your group’s needs.

For 75 people or more, a permit is required. There is no fee for this permit. Please fill out and submit the application form as far in advance of your event as possible, along with a detailed map showing your desired location.

Application Form (.pdf) can be filled-out on your computer, saved (save as) and then emailed or mail to the above address to Jeff Gilmore.


Recreation Events

If your event is open to the public and requires any sort of entrance or participation fee, it’s a recreation event.

At this time, the Red Rock Ranger District is issuing limited recreation event permits. Generally, proposals for larger (100 people or more) events will be denied. The District is in the process of identifying and analyzing sites and trails that can accommodate large group use safely and without detrimental environmental impacts. Once these sites have gone through the required environmental analysis and designated for this type of use, the District will be able to review proposals for larger events.



If you provide a service on or transportation to the national forest in exchange for a fee, you are an outfitter/guide. Due to the high demand for outfitter/guide permits in the “core” area around Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek (the area covered under Amendment 12 of the Forest Plan), proposals in this area will not be accepted unless solicited by the Forest Service through a prospectus. For current information on prospectus offerings visit the Red Rock Outfitter /Guide Program page.

Proposals for outfitter/guide use outside the core area will generally be considered on a case by case basis. However, the District is unable to consider any new proposals until the district-wide program planning efforts are complete. District may be able to begin accepting case-by-case proposals in 2016.


Where can I find a list of permitted outfitter/guides?

List of all currently permitted outfitter/guides