Tag System Instructions

The Coconino National Forest personal use firewood program is using the load ticket (tag) system. Reasons for this shift in practice are to improve the Forest Service’s ability to allow for legal harvesting of firewood, and to improve consistency of firewood collection programs between adjacent forests. The appropriate number of tags, representing ¼ cord each, will be issued with each firewood permit (4 cords = 16 tags). The permit holder shall physically attach the appropriate number of tags (1 tag for each ¼ cord in the load) to loads being taken from the forest (with a staple, nail, tack, etc). The tags have to be attached before departing the location of harvest and must be visible during transport. Permit holders must still fill out the Removal Record on the permit in conjunction with using the load tags.


Firewood cutters must physically attach a Load Tag to each ¼ cord or portion of firewood in a location visible from the rear of the vehicle before moving the vehicle from the firewood collection site.

  1. There are four tags for each cord of wood issued on the permit. Each tag equals ¼ cord or less and is numbered and corresponds with a load ticket number on the permit.
  2. Before leaving the harvest site, a tag for each ¼ cord or smaller portion of wood in the load must be physically attached to a piece of wood in the load (ie ¼ cord or less=1 tag, ¼-½ cord=2 tags, ½-¾ cord=3 tags, etc.). Use a nail, staple, tack, screwdriver or other secure attachment device, that will remain attached during transport.
  3. Each tag must have the month, date, day of the week, and A.M/P.M. punched out with a sharp object prior to attaching it to the load.
  4. Permittees must also fill out the Product Quantity Removal Record on the permit prior to leaving the harvest area. The quantity in this record must correspond with the number of tags used.




Cortadores de leña deben fisicamente pegar una etiqueta de la carga a cada ¼ cuerda o porcion de leña en un lugar visible de atras del vehiculo antes de mover el vehiculo de el sitio donde colecto leña.

  1. Hay cuatro etiquetas para cada cuerda de lena en el permiso. Cada etiqueta iguala ¼ de una cuerda o menos y corresponde con el numero de la etiqueta de carga en el permiso.
  2. Antes de salir del sitio del cortó, una etiqueta para cada ¼ de una cuerda o porcion menos de leña en la carga debe ser fisicamente pegada a un pedazo de leña en la carga (por ejemplo, ¼ de una cuerda o menos iguala una etiqueta, ¼ a ½ de una cuerda iguala 2 etiquetas, ½ a ¾ de una cuerda iguala 3 etiquetas, etcetera). Use un clavo, grampa, puntia, desarmador u otro modo de pegar seguramente la etiqueta a la porcion de leña para que permanesca juntada durante el transporto.
  3. Cada etiqueta debe tener el mes, la fecha, el dia de la semana y A.M/P.M. picado con un objeto filoso, antes de juntarlo con la leña.
  4. Cortadores de leña tambien deben llenar la forma Product Quality Removal Record en el permiso antes de dejar el sitio de la cosecha. La cantidad en este record o registro debe corresponder con el numero de etiquetas que uso.