Water Quality in Oak Creek

Clean water starts with ME!

It's hard for such a popular creek to stay healthy with millions of visitors each year!

Slide Rock pools showing a lot of people using the area

Pollution builds up fast in a small, crowded creek. Human and pet waste and trash all contribute high levels of bacteria and viruses to the water. This can result in unsafe swimming conditions for humans. Please pack out all your trash and use restroom facilities to help keep Oak Creek clean and healthy.

Another picture of slide rock with a lot of people in the area.

graphic: What Can You Do to Help? - Pack out your trash- Use designated restrooms, dispose of waste

How can you protect yourself from getting sick?

  • Don't drink the water - drinking untreated water is unsafe.
  • Don't swim with open cuts and sores - this is how bacteria enters the body.


This area is monitored for E coli. bacteria, an indicator of the possible presence of human health risks. Bacteria levels may be above state health standards.


Slide Rock

Keeping the creek healthy may keep you healthy!