Around the Peaks Loop

Around the Peaks Loop Map The 41-mile Around the Peaks Loop is mostly on Forest Roads that are relatively easy on the bike and there are a lot of cars that travel this route during the Fall season to see the spectacular colors around the San Francisco Peaks.

The only area that may be rocky or bumpy a little is Schultz Pass, but the bumps are relatively tame, so this is ride is leisurely and easy for any adventure biker. 

The entire route is meant for highway legal vehicles only and ranges in elevations from 7,200 feet to about 8,500 feet. You can start the route off of Highway 89 via Forest Road 552 or even start it on the west side of the Peaks via Forest Road 151 (off Highway 180). 

Forest Road 552Either way, the views are beautiful and if you hit it in the Fall season you will be wowed by the golden aspen colors surrounding the mountains.  Forest Road 151 takes you through Hart Prairie, while Schultz Pass Road (a.k.a FR 420) takes you through areas where the 2010 Schultz Fire swept through and includes lanscape that can be barren.  

If you get a chance, make sure you take a run up to Lockett Meadow via Forest Road 552. The views from that road allow you to see the whole area of Cinder Hills and the meadow itself is located in a beautiful basin area.  Dowload the KMZ file here for the Around the Peaks Loop on Google Earth or click the map above for a larger version.

Fall colors along FR 418