Trail & Enduro Adventure Routes

Adventure Ahead

This page features trail rides for enduro-style motor bikes as well as dirt bikes--all planned on legal roads which appear on the Motor Vehicle Use Map.

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Some of the following trails cross highways and include roads that require street-legal motor bikes, so please pay attention to each route and plan accordingly. Every effort has been made to create an accurate map that displays correct Forest Road designations, but knowing where you are at all times is the responsibility of the rider. The planned routes can obviously be modified to include or exclude many different forest roads, so make changes as you wish! Don't forget to check out our Interactive Visitor Map while you're at it.

Check for Closures

Please be aware that some of the Forest Roads may be closed during the winter season, so make sure to check the status of forest roads before embarking on your adventure, because only a portion of it may be open or closed.

KMZ files

Detailed KMZ files are available for downloading that show the exact route, but you must have Google Earth in order to download and view the route (KMZ file).

Adventure Routes