Colville National Forest Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are fuelwood permits free?

Yes, the Colville National Forest offers free personal use firewood authorizations using a self-service procedure. Permits can be obtained at any Colville National Forest office. The authorization allows removal of up to 12 cords of firewood per household. 


2. How do I find a job with the Forest Service?

For any questions related to EMPLOYMENT, please start in our employment section of the web site. This includes career advice, fire jobs, and summer hires.

All Forest Service jobs are listed in the USAJOBS database at To search ONLY for Forest Service jobs, start at and choose "USDA, Forest Service."


3. Which recreation pass do I need and where can I get one?

Specific details about each pass, the cost, and instructions on getting a pass are available in the passes and permits section of our web site.


4. Does the Forest Service give away free trees?

We recommend you check with your State Forester for more information/grants, etc.

Also, each state has a Forest Service Nursery that supplies "source-identified, locally-adapted" seedlings to private landowners. You can locate the nursery for your state on our National Nursery Directory.


5. How do I make reservation to stay in Forest Service campsites, cabins, or lookout towers?

For campsites that require reservations, they are made through Forest Service lodging sources include unique Cabin and Lookout Tower rentals. To make a reservation, you must contact directly the location where you wish to stay. There is a list of locations that offer cabin and lookout tower rentals.


6. I have a problem or question about a tree on my property. Can someone help me?

The USDA Forest Service does not provide this service, but many State Foresters do. Contact your State Forester to see if they provide this service. You can find your State Forester online.


7. How do I sell products and services to the Forest Service? Are there contracts on which I can bid?

If you sell a product or service, the best thing to do is get in the Federal Supply Service Program through the General Services Administration (GSA). The GSA is the business manager and purchasing agent for the federal government.

To bid on contracts throughout the federal, start at FedBizOpps. Or, find solicitations specific to the Forest Service.


8. I want to scatter burial ashes of a loved one. Can I do this in a national forest?

Neither burial nor scattering of ashes are an appropriate use of the forests and are not authorized on the lands of the National Forest System.