Restoring Ourselves Restoring Our Lands

Designed by educators for educators, Restoring Ourselves, Restoring Our Lands: Empowering Educators to Examine Our Role In Equitable Access to Public Lands (ROROL) applies a justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion lense to Place-Based Service Learning and demonstrates how educators can meet state-mandated curriculum standards and enhance student awareness and learning about public lands. The workshop includes information on public lands through time and integrates classroom-practical mindfulness techniques. This workshop is FREE, virtual, offers CEU's, and can count towards ATGEE certification.

ROROL is the second workshop in the Forest For Every Classroom workshop series. It is open to all Georgia educators, and while we encourage participants to take the first workshop (titled Forest For Every Classroom), the workshops can be taken in any order and one is not a prerequisite for the other. Both workshops are free of cost. Workshop includes:

  • Support and helpful resources for educators
  •  Principles and tools for educators to implement place based service learning
  •  Learning about how educators can increase equity on public lands
  •  Practical classroom reflection and integration
  •  Collaboration with Public Land Managers, Non-profit partners, and other Georgia educators


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October 2021 Workshop

March 2021 Pilot



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