NextGen Forest Ambassadors

“Last year I hadn’t ever set foot in a National Forest, and now I can say that I’m the richest landowner on earth! But not just me, it belongs to all of us!” - NextGen Participant

The NextGen Forest Ambassadors stewardship program for teens offers a youth summit where teens name obstacles to nature and actionable solutions, choose between various workshops from expert conservationists, plan and execute a stewardship project with 1-1 mentoring from land managers.  This entirely FREE program offers a $100 stipend upon successful completion of all program elements. Transportation and gear provided as needed. Watch an 8 minute video on NextGen!

NextGen 2024

NFGA 2024 Flyer

Location: Vogel State Park

Eligible to Apply: Teens 14-16 (8th-11th grade)

Cost: None

Learn More: NextGen ToolKit


NextGen 2023

Teens holding cordate (rope) in a circle facing each other.


Summary and Ambassador Projects


NextGen 2022

NGFA 2022 Image: smiling friends in nature, event details mirror text below

Summary and Ambassador Projects


NextGen 2020 (virtual edition!)

NextGen Forest Ambassadors

NextGen 2019

Three teens in the forest, text reads NextGen Forest Ambassadors



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