Ecosystem Matters (continued)

What are Ecosystems?

Ecosystems are interacting systems of groups of species and their non-livng physical environment. The word ecosystem is also used to describe the place whre these interactions occur. The living organisms make up the bilogical components of the ecosystem. The vairety and complexity of species present and interacting in an ecosystem are known as biological diversity or biodiversity. The physical components of the environment include such things as topography, moisture and temperature.

What is Ecosystem Management?

Ecosystem management is the integrated management of natural landscapes, ecological processes, physical and biological ecosystem components and human activities in a manner which maintains or enhances the integrity of an ecosystem. For the Forest Service this means that ecosystem managemnt blends the needs of people and environmental values in such a way that the National Forest and Grasslands will represent divers, healthy, productive and sustainable ecosytems. Ecosystem management is a means to achieve sustaninable conditions.