PLT GreenSchools! Program Components

Professional Development: Environmental Education Training for Educators

Using Project Learning Tree environmental education materials and local resource-based materials, workshop participants will learn how to integrate environmental education into their curriculum, conduct the GreenSchools! Investigations with their students, and complete GreenWorks! service learning projects based on their investigation results.

GreenSchools! Investigations (GSIs)

Schools will assess current environmental conditions in and on their school grounds using PLT’s set of five GreenSchools! Investigations (site use, waste and recycling, water assessment, energy, and environmental quality).  Each investigation consists of background information, inventory of questions on the topic, classroom inventories, and a list of action items. The investigations are conducted by students and conclude with the development of an action plan to improve their school site.

Green Works! Environmental Improvement Service Learning Projects

The GSIs provide the framework for GreenWorks! service learning projects. Grants will be awarded to schools to implement the action plans they developed through the GSIs. GreenWorks! is a service learning environmental action program that brings together educators, students, families, and organizations from the community to address local environmental issues.