Lowcountry Prep - A GreenSchool!

Lowcountry Prep, a K-12 school in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, is one example of a school that’s using PLT’s GreenSchools! investigations to benefit student learning, the environment, and a school’s bottom line.

Students formed teams and, once a week for six weeks, they used light meters, thermometers, scales, and other tools to gather data and conduct their research. They shared their findings with the school’s board of trustees, along with recommended actions for the 2010-2011 school year. With solid data and a well-prepared presentation, they were met with excitement and unopposed support for their work.

Now the teams meet once a week to plan and carry out service-learning activities based on last year’s investigations. Their plans include:

• Replacing light bulbs with lower-wattage CFLs (a savings of about $4,000 per year)
• Installing “shut down and boot” timers for computers not in use (after determining that leaving the computers on, even in sleep mode, cost $216 per computer per year)
• Setting up a recycling program for paper, plastic, and aluminum, after a “greenest grade” contest helped generate interest
• Setting up other contests that engage the entire school, especially students in lower grades
• Sharing information about the research they have done and what they have learned from it with the community