Woodsy Owl Head Start Partnership

Since 1970, Woodsy Owl has introduced generations of children to the magic of nature—and has encouraged them to "Give a Hoot. Don't Pollute" and to "Lend a Hand—Care for the Land".  Woodsy and his message is especially appealing for young children. Caring, friendly, outdoorsy, and wise, Woodsy is a good friend and partner.

In 2003, the Forest Service entered into an innovative partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services, Head Start Bureau, that affords the Forest Service the opportunity to bring nature into the lives of the youngest Americans.

The Head Start program manages a comprehensive child development program for children from birth up to age five. Through family and community partnerships, Head Start provides early childhood education and health services to children, especially to minorities, including Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and inner city youth. Head Start provides opportunities for children to express themselves through art, music, movement, and storytelling. Children participate in indoor and outdoor activities learn about books, words, numbers, and the world around them. Children who participate in Head Start are encouraged to communicate their ideas and feelings to develop self-confidence and the ability to get along with others.

The agreement between the US Forest Service and Head Start (pdf) provides the framework to use Woodsy Owl’s image and message to promote conservation values in our Nation’s children.

The Woodsy Owl - Head Start partnership is now being implemented in several states, and is looking forward to growing to other areas. If you are are interested in building new partnerships in your area, contact your local Conservation Education coordinator.