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Forest Service Resources

Find A National Forest
There are 153 National Forests, and 20 National Grasslands -- and there's one probably within a day's drive of where you live! Go the the home page of the Forest Service to locate a nearby National Forest or Grassland. Each National Forest and Grassland has it's own Web site, chocked full of information about its special resources.  Have fun exploring and learning!

National Grasslands
These wind-swept seas of grass and wildflowers - four million acres in all - have witnessed the pageant of the frontier, the Dust Bowl, and the dramatic recovery into a great national treasure. Visit these Web resources to learn about the 20 publicly-owned National Grasslands administered by the US Forest Service.

Animal Inn
Dead, dying and hollow trees provide food and shelter for a wide variety of animals. Hollow trees, trees with broken tops or visible nest cavities, fallen trees (both on the forest floor and in streams), and stumps all are examples of ANIMAL INNS. This Web site will help you explore the value of dead trees to wildlife.

America's Rain Forests - A Distance Learning Adventure
Rain forests provide a haven for the largest diversity of plants and animals on Earth. Join US Forest Service experts, scientists, researchers, and students and explore the tropical rain forest in the Caribbean National Forest in Puerto Rico and the temperate rain forest in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. 

This Web site features great information about America's rain forests, and downloadable videos of year-long web-based project.

Smokey Bear Home Page
Join Smokey Bear for some forest and campfire fun! And, along the way, discover Smokey's rules for forest fire safety and prevention.

Kid's Forest Site
The Southern Research Station of the Forest Service has collected a range of fun materials to help you learn about forests and forestry.

Kid’s Virtual Field Trip to the Boise National Forest, Idaho
It's a field trip to the Boise National Forest that you can take through your computer. You'll see a little bit of everything. Mountains. Trees. Streams. Lakes. Wildlife. Flowers. You'll be able to explore the forest through "Quick Time VR Panorama pages." A panorama page looks like a photograph ... except you can turn and see in every direction!

El-Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico Kid's Site
Did you know that there was a tropical rain forest in America? Here’s where you can discover things about the
El Yunque National Forest on the island of Puerto Rico - the nation's only tropical rain forest .

Terrific Trees!
Student-developed site for the U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station -- focuses on trees of the Pacific Northwest.

Comanche National Grassland (pdf)
Historic sites on the Comanche National Grassland in Colorado, including the Santa Fe Trail.

Cimarron and Camanche National Grasslands, Colorado
Test your knowledge of Colorado, wildlife, Smokey Bear, and more.

Crooked River National Grasslands, Oregon
Kid’s Corner – Games, wildlife, ecosystem info.  Off-highway vehicles and kids.

Crooked River National Grasslands, Oregon
Kid’s Corner – kid’s wildlife info

Crooked River National Grasslands, Oregon
Wildlife photo gallery of the Crooked River National Grasslands.

Dakota Prairie National Grasslands, North Dakota
Virtual tour of Dakota Prairie National Grasslands.