Learning about Forests - Partner Resources

Girls working on restoration project

Partner Resources (for Forest Information)

Arbor Day Foundation -- Just for Kids!
The Arbor Day Foundation inspires people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.  Their excellent Web site provides a wealth of information about the value of trees, and what we can each do to sustain forests.

Society of American Foresters
The Society of American Foresters is the association for the professionals that care for our Nation's forests. Their Web site provide a wealth of information on forests and forestry.

Wisconsin’s Leaf Program
LEAF, the Wisconsin K-12 Forestry Education Program, was created to help promote forestry education in Wisconsin. The program provides comprehensive forestry education for teachers and students throughout the "Dairy State". This student's page has useful tools about tree ID, a Web Quest and more.

The Forest -- An Electronic Field Trip
A simple hike through the woods turns into a learning experience for three teenagers in KET’s Electronic Field Trip to the Forest. When a forester from the Kentucky Division of Forestry joins their outing, the young hikers begin an exploration of the history of Kentucky’s forests, the natural and human influences that have shaped them, and what it will take to ensure their future survival. This 2002 production was developed in partnership with the US Forest Service and the Kentucky Division of Forestry.

An educational and entertaining interactive site that uses cartoon characters to focus on trees for kids preK-6th grade with lesson plans for teachers and conservation activities for families.

Forests of Fun
Forests of Fun provides a wealth of information and serves as the 4-H Forestry connection to the larger forestry community. You can find advanced activities, career information and an introduction to forestry organizations nationwide. This youth web site is interactive and youth-friendly. Enter the world of forest resources.

Friends of the Forests
The National Forest Foundation - Here you will learn more about the Rainforests you might have heard about at school, and you’ll get to have fun doing so. We’ve got three great activities for you to do with the help of a parent, teacher, or older brother, sister or friend. They are fun and easy and will help you understand how rainforests work, and why they are so important.