Cave Creek Canyon

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  • Cave Creek Visitor Information Center

    Cave Creek Visitor Information Center

    Constructed in the 1920s as a ranger station, the Visitor Information Center is a source for information about the canyon. Inside you will find a friendly ranger or volunteer who will answer all your questions, supply you with maps and brochures, and give you tips on the best places to go.

  • Idlewilde Campground

    Idlewilde Campground

    Idlewilde Campground is a first-come, first-served campground tucked among the riparian woodland along on Cave Creek.

  • Stewart Campground

    Stewart Campground

    Stewart Campground is a cool, shady streamside camp where sites are clustered under a healthy stand of Arizona cypress trees, with some picturesque old sycamores closer to the streamside. 

  • Sunny Flat Campground

    Sunny Flat Campground

    Campsites are clustered around a grassy meadow in this relatively open streamside camp. All sites are shaded, some more than others, and all are reasonably close to Cave Creek.

  • Herb Martyr Campground

    Herb Martyr

    The Herb Martyr trailhead, located near Herb Martyr campgound, is one of the popular birdwatching and overall hiking areas in Cave Creek Canyon.

  • Wildlife Viewing

    A deer in Cave Creek Canyon

    Owing to the location, perennial water, and varied topography, Cave Creek Canyon is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife. The canyon is also a world-class birding destination with 370 bird species, including migratory species at the northern end of their range. Spring, summer, and fall are the best seasons to see trogons and hummingbirds. Winter is good for nesting raptors. Other common wildlife in the canyon year-round include Coues white-tailed deer, Gould’s turkey, black bear, coati, and numerous species of bats, lizards, snakes, ants, beetles, and butterflies. Best Birding Spots: All campgrounds, South Fork Road, the first mile of South Fork Trail, and the Nature Trail.

  • Scenic Driving

    Portal to Paradise Drive

    In Cave Creek you’ll find spectacular scenery, world class birdwatching, a riparian area teeming with unique wildlife, and a number of Forest recreation amenities to help you enjoy all those natural wonders. On this drive, you’ll get a good picture of what’s in store for you even before you enter the Forest.

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