Supervisor's Office

Coronado National Forest Supervisor's Office

 6th floor of the Tucson Federal Building

300 W. Congress St.

Tucson, Arizona  85701

picture of the Tucson Federal Building from the other side of the street


Office Hours:  8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Monday to Friday

Phone: 520-388-8300


Visitors should take the elevator to the 6th floor and check in at the Forest's front desk for obtaining maps and passes, or for appointments with forest personnel.  

Important... To be allowed entrance to this building you must show security officers a valid identication document, such as your driver's license, and you will be required to pass through a scanning system at the building entrance.  Please remember that bringing any personal protection items, such as a firearm, pepper spray, pocket knives or similar items when you enter the building is prohibited.