Arizona Minerals, Inc. Small Tracts Act Land Purchase Application

On November 16, 2016 AMI submitted an application Small Tracts Act to the Forest which was found to not meet the intent of the Act by not addressing Forest land management concerns.  A revised application dated February 15, 2017 was submitted to the Forest and was found to be consistent with the Act.  AMI’s application proposes the purchase of three separate parcels (5.04, 4.96 and 3.74 acres) that contain access roads connecting existing patented claims AMI owns within the Coronado National Forest. The processing of the application consists of the production of multiple resource specialist reports on subjects to include water rights, heritage resources, threatened and endangered species, wetland and floodplains, hazardous materials (environmental site assessment), mineral claims, and mineral potential. Additionally, an appraisal of the proposed parcels will be performed and the application proposal further evaluated in order to determine whether or not the purchase can be performed under the authority of the Act. If it is determined that the purchase can proceed, an analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act would be initiated and the level of analysis to be completed would be determined.