Forest Management

Mid-level planning documents, including landscape or watershed assessments and roads analysis, are an intermediate planning step between the Forest Planning (programmatic) level and project planning. Recommended management actions are the primary result of assessments.

The Coronado National Forest presents “Ecosystem Resilience and Restoration,” a video describing the issue of invasive grasses that threaten our unique native ecosystems, including the Sonoran Desert and the iconic Saguaro Cactus. The impacts of Climate Change are expected to increase this threat. Voiceover by Chris Thiel, Natural Resource Staff Officer for the Coronado National Forest. Interviewees include Kim Franklin, Conservation Science Manager of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum; Patty Estes, Founder of the Catalina State Park Buffel Slayers; and John Scheuring, Conservation Committee Chairman for the Arizona Native Plant Society.

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