The Buildings of Kentucky Camp

The five buildings which remain at Kentucky Camp were built around 1904. The largest was probably used as an office by the Santa Rita Water and Mining Company. Later, it became the main ranch house. A small building behind the office was used to process gold samples, as evidenced by liners that came from an assay furnace. A large barn lies in ruins opposite a small house where Stetson may have lived, and another small house lies at the far end of the site.

Map of the Buillding Layouts at Kentucky Camp


The largest building, sometimes called the "hotel," was probably the office of the Santa Rita Water and Mining Company, and provided temporary accommodations for visitors or employees.

The interior of the gold processing building. Washing of samples may have occurred in the basin on the right; retorting of amalgam on the bench to the left.

Ruins of the barn before stabilization of the walls. The collapsed roof has since been removed, and the walls braced.

One of two adobe cabins at Kentucky Camp, where Stetson or other company managers lived.