Information Regarding Kentucky Camp


or if you would like to volunteer for stabilization and restoration projects at Kentucky Camp, contact either of the following Forest Service offices: 

Nogales Ranger District
303 Old Tucson Road
Nogales, AZ 85621
(520) 281-2296


Coronado National Forest
300 W. Congress
Tucson, AZ 85621
(520) 388-8300 

If you would like to help with the preservation of Kentucky Camp, the Friends of Kentucky Camp is a private, non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to maintaining and restoring the site. Information on joining, and on scheduled workdays, can be obtained by writing:

Friends of Kentucky Camp
4320 N. La Linda Rama
Tucson, AZ 85718

If you are interested in history and archaeology, there are many opportunities to have a delightful holiday working on a archaeological excavation or restoring a historical structure. You can obtain a catalog of volunteer opportunities with the Forest Service from the:

Passport In Time Clearinghouse
PO Box 31315
Tucson, AZ 85751-1315