FRYE FIRE UPDATE: June 16, 2017, 8:00 a.m.

Release Date: Jun 16, 2017  

Location: Safford Ranger District of the Coronado National Forest 7 miles southwest of Safford, AZ

Start Date: June 7, 2017 Cause: Lightning   Size: 961 acres  Operational Objectives Completed: 16%

Vegetation: Timber, brush and heavy, downed timber from 2004 Nuttall Complex.

Resources Assigned 234 persons: Engines 11, Crews 6, Helicopters 3, Dozer 2, and Miscellaneous Overhead

Incident Commander: Ricky Cox / Rich Sack (t) with the Gila/Las Cruces Type 3 Team

CLOSURES: An Area Closure now in effect. This includes all campgrounds, roadways and trails north of Shannon Campgrounds at the junction of Highway 366 and Forest Road 507 where the pavement ends. Graham County Sheriff’s Office will stop any non-fire traffic at this point to maintain safety.

PUBLIC MEETING: A community meeting is planned today at 7:00 p.m. at the Graham County General Services Office located at 921 Thatcher Blvd., Safford, AZ.

Scope of the Order:  The closure order will stay in effect until rescinded and involves the following: Treasure Park, Hospital Flat, Upper Hospital Flat, Cunningham, Soldier Creek, Columbine Corrals, Riggs Flat, Clark Peak Corrals and all previously listed trails north of Highway 366 continuing to the Forest boundary. Follow updated releases at for additional closures.

Summary: The fire is burning in the Ash Creek, Hawk Hollow and Frye Creek drainages and on the east side of Trap Mountain ridge. The fire located at Ash Creek is approximately three miles Northeast of the Old Columbine cabins. A significant volume of smoke is visible from the incident today. Critically low relative humidity and extreme high temperatures contribute to increased fire activity.

Helicopters are working to reduce fire spread in the Ash Creek area. Firefighters have improved 10 miles of control lines on Forest Road 507 around the Observatory, Old Columbine, and the Bible Camp.

Temporary flight restrictions remain in effect until further notice. This restriction includes “drones” or any unmanned aerial vehicles. The public is reminded that “If you fly, we can’t!”

Fire Restrictions:  Stage 1 fire restrictions are in effect on the Coronado National Forest.

For updates, please see Coronado National Forest Facebook page at and/or Inciweb at