Monsoon season continues on Coronado National Forest

 Rain may accompany thunderstorms, lightning can ignite wildfires


Tucson, AZ (July 30, 2018) – For Immediate Release. An active monsoon season is in full swing across Coronado National Forest, bringing thunderstorms and with them the potential for lightning-ignited wildfires.

Precipitation may or may not accompany thunderstorms.  “Dry” lightning without wetting rain can ignite wildfires, as has recently occurred across the Coronado National Forest, particularly on the Safford Ranger District. Such ignitions are expected to continue until significant rainfall reaches all parts of the Forest. To report smoke or a wildfire please call the Tucson Interagency Dispatch Center at (520) 202-2710.

While some lightning-ignited fires will be immediately evident, others may remain undetected for several days until conditions become favorable for them to grow into observable incidents.


Wildland firefighters are positioned across the Forest to respond to new ignitions. Fires occurring near residences, recreation sites or other “values at risk” will be suppressed. Those burning in more remote areas will be managed to accomplish land management objectives which include reducing hazardous fuel accumulations and restoring overall forest health.


Precipitation moves across southeastern Arizona sporadically. While some areas of the Forest have received rainfall, other areas have not. Significant rainfall is needed to overcome dry conditions which remain in some parts of the Forest.


It is anticipated that sufficient rain will eventually fall to reduce wildfire activity and pause the Coronado’s year-round fire season. Visitors to the Forest are encouraged to always practice fire safety, during every season of the year, and to be vigilant to build safe campfires and extinguish them completely before leaving them for any reason.