Border 1 Burn near Coronado Memorial

A map of the Border 1 Burn

The Border I Prescribed Fire is underway on the Sierra Vista Ranger District. The 1,160-acre burn is located on the west side of the Huachuca Mountains, adjacent to Montezuma Pass.
The burn will directly benefit the District and Coronado National Memorial by achieving the purposes of the Huachuca FIreScape Project - to reduce costs, resource damage and threats to public and firefighter safety from future wildland fires; to restore and sustain ecological processes in fire-dep...endent ecosystems; to create and maintain fuel conditions that produce manageable fire behavior and intensity; and to encourage the restoration of vegetation and fuel conditions toward their historic conditions and ecological resiliencey.
FireScape is a multi-agency collaborative environmental analysis to integrate the fire and fuels management activities of three Federal agencies (Forest Service, National Park Service, Department of Defense) across approximately 400,000 acres.
Partners on the burn include Coronado National Forest; Bureau of Indian Affairs, Fort Apache Agency; and National Park Service, Coronado National Memorial.
To ensure firefighter and public safety, Montezuma Pass Overlook will be closed during the burning, which will take place throughout today, and may continue through tomorrow. 

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