Molino Fire Final News Release

Location of Origin: Molino Basin                              Fire Information Line: (602) 730-6144

Jurisdiction: Coronado National Forest                    Email:

Size: ~400 acres          Percent Contained: 25%        Website:

Personnel: 70                                                                Facebook:

Cause:             Human, Under Investigation                            Twitter:  @CoronadoNF


Forward Progress Stopped as Crews Work Towards Full Suppression


The Molino Fire was located on Sunday, October 27 around 3:30 pm. The fire is located mostly in the

Pusch Ridge Wilderness in the Molino Basin on the Coronado National Forest. Please do not report this fire. 

Crews began working along Catalina Highway Sunday afternoon and are providing for point protection in Molino Basin Campground. The fire is moving through steep, rugged terrain, and the safety of firefighters and the public is the number one priority.  Crews are utilizing established roads and trails to serve as boundaries for the fire perimeter and going direct where appropriate.

Forward progress has stopped and no additional growth is expected. Crews will continue to patrol the fire perimeter and utilize minimum impact suppression tactics to secure fire line along the western and southern edge. Firing operations and chainsaw operations are being conducted when necessary to strengthen and improve fire line. A fixed wing aircraft and helicopter will complete reconnaissance flights as needed and to provide accurate mapping. Aircraft have not been used for water or retardant drops.

There are currently no structures threatened and no injuries have been reported.

The weather forecast will be warm and dry with winds expected at 10-20 mph out of the northwest.  There is a zero chance of precipitation.