Sustainable Recreation Action Plan

What is Sustainable Recreation All About?

"Renewing Body and Spirit, Inspiring Passion for the Land."

Recreation's Values...

Riggs Flat Lake

  • Connecting people with nature
  • Providing opportunities for physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Managing for sustainability
  • Cultivating stewardship through understanding
  • Enriching communities

Recreation's Strategy...

  • We will cultivate enduring partnerships with communities of place and communities of interest.
  • We will invest in our ability to govern rather than operate.
  • We will strive for sustainable practices in our operations, programs and facilities.
  • We will invest in our employees, our facilities, and our landscapes

The Coronado National Forest (CNF) is part of the Southwestern Region of the Department of Agriculture, US Forest Service which includes Arizona and New Mexico. The Southwestern Sustainable Recreation Strategy, completed in 2016, guides the region toward a recreation program that is vital to the well-being of our visitors and communities and is essential to the future of the Forest Service and the National Forest and Grasslands. This innovative strategy sustains America’s great outdoors and builds greater capacity to serve the citizens of the southwest by focusing the recreation program on building strong relationships with our diverse publics who enjoy and actively care for the National Forests and Grasslands of the Southwest while improving our effectiveness and program resiliency.

We achieve a sustainable recreation program by building resiliency in our ecological world, our social network of relationships, and in our economy. Ecological recreation managers deal with modifying human behavior or designing sites to withstand ecological impacts and reduce energy use by creating sustainable sites and operations. In the social sphere we build mutually supportive relationships, trust and emotional connection and the ability to problem solve and cooperate together. In the economic world we create economic benefits to local communities and reciprocal economic support for government programs.


The Coronado’s Guiding Themes

The 2021-2025 version of the Sustainable Recreation Action Plan builds upon a solid foundation described below. The plan reviews the accomplishments of the previous version and builds a strategy for the next five years across four themes:

  • Developed Recreation
  • Trails and Wilderness
  • Tourism and Community
  • Access and Dispersed Recreation

Each theme includes cross-cutting elements from a range of programs and disciplines

  • Partnerships
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Reflecting our Communities
  • Volunteerism
  • Valuing People and Places – Heritage and Cultural Storytelling
  • Special Uses Administration

For full information, check out the Coronado Sustainable Action Plan and Coronado Sustainable Action Plan Executive Summary.