Wilderness on the Coronado National Forest

There are eight designated wildernesses on the Coronado National Forest totaling 338,318 acres (approximately 19 percent of the forest). Wilderness provides a wide variety of opportunities for exploration, solitude, challenge, and primitive recreation. A system of trails provides visitors with access into wilderness.

Wilderness Area Acres Ecosystem Management Area
Chiricahua Wilderness 87,169 Chiricahua
Galiuro Wilderness 77,529 Galiuro
Miller Peak Wilderness 20,238 Huachuca
Mount Wrightson Wilderness 25,121 Santa Rita
Pajarita Wilderness 7,523 Tumacacori
Pusch Ridge Wilderness 56,928 Santa Catalina
Rincon Mountain Wilderness 36,928 Santa Catalina
Santa Teresa Wilderness 26,891 Santa Teresa

Wilderness overview map

Wilderness Ethics

In wilderness there are no roads; the only travel permitted is by foot or horseback. Wilderness offers the Coronado’s richest concentration of quiet places, with sights and sounds of humankind substantially unnoticeable. Developments are rare and those that exist offer a glimpse of past cultures and traditional land uses.

Please follow these simple points to maintain our wilderness:

  • Motorized vehicles are not permitted in the wilderness.
  • Mechanized equipment (including mountain bikes) may not be used in the wilderness.
  • Leave no trace of your visit.

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