Seasonal/Temporary Jobs and Internships

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is now hiring a 2021 seasonal workforce to work in different types include specialized positions in fire, natural resources, recreation, and visitor information services. Vacancy announcements for these positions will be posted on:  Apply October 30th, 2020 through November 9th, 2020.  All applicants who apply to the announcements on or before the listed cutoff date, and are found to be qualified, will be referred for consideration to the selecting officials. 

*Sometimes there are remaining vacancies in early spring, so we encourage potential applicants to set up a profile with a resume and a search function in so that they can be notified in the event of a vacancy arising later in the process. 

2021 Positions:

Here is a list of the positions we will be hiring for the 2021 season. Apply October 30th, 2020 through November 9th, 2020. at View each outreach docment for more information on each position:

Below are general job descriptions for positions we will be hiring for

Recreation Jobs

Developed Recreation Technicians provide vital support for our developed recreation sites, cleaning facilities, mowing and weed-whacking, collecting recreation fees, and performing other small maintenance projects (painting, restroom upkeep, posting signs). Must work weekends and wear a Forest Service uniform daily. 

  • Search suggestions: "Forestry Technician (Recreation)" under keywords OR "Cascade Locks" and "Hood River" under duty stations. Usually listed as a GS 04 or GS 05.

Trail Crew Members maintain our trails, working in all types of weather conditions, and hiking up to 15 miles per day. Periodically, they may camp overnight. Applicants should be able to operate a variety of hand, electric and gas-powered tools. Duty station is Cascade Locks. 

  • Search suggestions: "Forestry Technician (Trails)" under keywords OR search by duty station. Usually listed as a GS 04 or GS 05.

Field Rangers enhance visitor experience and connect people to the land. Duties include customer service, visitor education, routine trail and site maintenance, and emergency incident response. Must work weekends and wear a Forest Service uniform daily. Duty stations include Multnomah Falls and Hood River in Oregon. 

  • Search suggestions: "Park Ranger" or "Visitor Information" under keywords or search by duty station.

River Ranger enhances user river experience by patrolling river corridors and initiating public contacts in the field. Additional duties include communication with outfitter guides to ensure compliance with guiding permits, assist agency law enforcement and provide visitor education. Applicants must have well-developed river floating skills including navigation, rescue and safety. Duty station is Hood River.

  • Search suggestions: Forestry Technician(River Ranger) OR Forestry Technician OR River Ranger - read duty description carefully to determine if it is a river ranger position listed under Forestry Technician. Usually listed as GS 05.

Natural Resource Jobs

Biological Science Technician helps the Scenic Area's Natural Resources and Planning team. Duties are primarily field work such as wildlife surveys, riparian and road assessments, stream temperature monitoring, and planting and watering at restoration sites with some office work and data organizational duties. 

  • Suggested search: Biological Science Technician (Natural Resources) OR "Hood River" duty station. Typically listed as a GS 05.

Archeological Technician is responsible for providing technical support to the heritage resources staff.  Duties include analyzing archeological data, field surveys, conducting inventories and serving as a crew work leader. You may be expected to travel for this position.

  • Suggested search: Archeology Technician OR "Hood River" duty station. Typically listed as a GS 07.

Firefighting Jobs

Seasonal jobs in wildland firefighting at the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area are tough jobs usually performed in primitive, backcountry conditions. Visit our Wildland Firefighting Program page for details about working as a wildland firefighter. 

Typical job titles to search for wildland firefighting positions are below. Also consider searching by duty stations "Cascade Locks" and "Hood River":

  • Forestry Aid (Fire) - Would be an entry level hand crew or engine crew positions at the GS 02 level (which means 3 months of prior general experience doing some form of labor)
  • Forestry Aid (Fire Suppression) - GS 03  hand crew or engine crew positions which require at least 6 months of general work experience doing labor and/or educational requirements
  • Forestry Technician (Fire Suppression) - GS 04 level hand crew or engine crew positions
  • Forestry Technician (Fire Suppression) - GS 05 level hand crew or engine crew positions