How to Apply - Getting Started

How to Apply for Jobs with the National Scenic Area

Be Organized and Plan Ahead! The federal hiring process sometimes has very specific requirements above and beyond a simple resume. Details are always listed in the full vacancy announcments, which are in the USAJOBS database. The only exceptions are internships or "joint hires" with partner organizations. Read more Tips For Applicants (.pdf).

Check Current Opportunities. Visit the following pages to learn about specific positions available in the National Scenic Area. While we're hiring, there are active links, or you can make note of the job titles and reference numbers and set up searches the USAJOBS database on your own time. Each year, seasonal hiring for summer jobs takes place in early fall.  

When to Apply. Summer job vacancies are posted each year on the USAJobs website during the fall season for the following summer. However, we sometimes may recruit for vacancies during spring and summer, so it's worth checking USAJobs for last minute vacancies. We highly recommend setting up a profile and a search so you don't miss an opportunity if one does arise.

How to Start. Set up a profile in USAJobs and create a search so you can apply for vacancies when they open. You can also scope potential opportunities by searching the Outreach Database and responding to the hiring manager listed on the position you are interested in. The outreach process allows us to assess initial interest in the position and offers you a chance to learn more and prepare a solid application, if you are thinking of applying.

Pay. Rates vary based on experience and duties, but follow a standard federal system called the General Schedule (GS). All rates start with the "base" level, and some regions of the country are allowed an additional allocation called "locality pay" to correct for higher costs of living. Check 2017 wages for each "GS level" at this U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) website.

Locations. All federal employees are assigned a duty station, where they must report each day. Although the Scenic Area’s western border is just outside the bustling Portland metropolitan area, duty stations for summer jobs tend to be at these locations further into the Gorge. There is no government housing available with our positions, so please consider commute times and cost of living at these locations before you apply for a position: