Forest Orders (Regulations and Closures)

The following closures and regulations apply to National Forest System lands and recreation sites in the Columbia River Gorge. (These are also summarized on our recreation site webpages.)

Want to learn more? See Title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulation 261.50 (a) for the authorizing legislation.

Order # Description Effective Date
Regional Orders for National Forest System Lands in Oregon and Washington
06-00-00-18-03 No fireworks, explosives, or exploding targets 06/12/2018
06-00-00-18-02 No federally controlled drugs (including marijuana) or underage alcohol use 06/12/2018
06-00-00-18-01 Traffic Safety Regulations in Compliance with State Law 06/12/2018
06-00-00-15-001 No possessing, storing, or transporting aquatic invasive species such in compliance with state laws 03/03/2015
R6-2009-001 Hay and crop products must be certified weed-free on NFS lands 02/10/2009
R6-2007-01 Hay and crop products must be certified weed-free at trailheads leading to designated Wilderness areas 04/13/2007
R-94-004 Wilderness group size limits, no leaving equipment unattended >48 hours, no grazing or hitching animals within 200 feet of lakes 05/06/1993
RF-3 Industrial Fire Precaution Levels 06/12/1989
RF-2 Spark arrestors required 06/12/1989
88-4 No bicycles allowed on the Pacific Crest Trail 08/31/1988
Orders for National Forest System Lands in the Columbia River Gorge
06-22-01-20-13 Campfire restrictions. No building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire, campfire or stove fire, including a charcoal fire or pellet fire except in developed and hosted campgrounds that are open. 06/30/2020
06-22-01-20-11 Wind Mountain Closure 06/23/2020
06-22-01-20-12 Public health closures in effect at Eagle Creek, Sandy River Delta, Multnomah Falls and the Waterfall Corridor, Wahclella, and Dog Mountain. 6/15/2020
06-22-01-20-05 No going into or being in lower Cape Horn Trail each year from February 1 to July 15 for protection of peregrine falcons. 01/15/2020
06-22-01-20-04 No landing, dropping off, or picking up materials or people by aircraft, including helicopters and drones in designated areas at Catherine Creek, Cape Horn, Eagle Creek, Horsetail Falls, Multnomah Falls, and Wahkeena Falls. 11/04/2019
06-22-01-20-03 No leaving the official trail system in the closed area surrounding Multnomah Falls for public safety. 11/05/2019
06-22-01-20-02 No leaving the official Eagle Creek Trail in the closed area surrounding Punch Bowl Falls for public safety. 11/05/2019
06-22-01-20-01 Miller Island prohibitions: No camping or being on the island from sunset until sunrise. No metal detectors, campfires, camping, digging, excavating, or removing archaeological resources. No landing aircraft (including drones). 12/16/2019
06-22-01-19-08 No going into or being in the closure at Herman Creek Campground for public safety. 09/30/2019
06-22-01-19-07 No going into or being in closed parts of the Eagle Creek Fire Burned Area for public safety.  09/30/2019
CRGNSA-12-01 No going into or being in the designated closure around Catherine Creek Arch for protection of natural, historic, and cultural resources. 02/01/2012
CRGNSA-10-02 No being in Cape Horn Overlook after sundown and before sunrise, camping, or campfires. 01/07/2011
CRGNSA-WA-07-09 No going into or being in the closure on Wind Mountain Summit for protection of historical/archaeological/paleontological resources. 06/30/2009
CRGNSA-05-04 No going into or being in the designated closed area of Sandy River Delta. 04/12/2004
CRGNSA-09-03 No motorized boat, watercraft, vehicles on the Klickitat Wild & Scenic River 11/12/2003
CRGNSA-08-03 No motorized boat, watercraft, vehicles on the White Salmon Wild & Scenic River  11/12/2003
CRGNSA-05-03 No camping, no fires/campfires except gas stoves July to October, and no discharging firearms or air/gas guns at Sandy River Delta 06/23/2003
CRGNSA-04-03 No camping, no fires/campfires except gas stoves July to October at Dodson and Warrendale waterfronts in Multnomah County. 06/23/2003
CRGNSA-01-03 No camping and no fires/campfires except gas stove from July to October at Chenoweth Table in Wasco County. 04/02/2003
CRGNSA-06-00 No vehicles over 40 feet long and no groups over 95 individuals at Eagle Creek Overlook Campground without a special permit. 06/09/2000
CRGNSA-OR-07-97 No discharging a firearm, air/gas gun within 1/8 mile of Palmer Mill Road or Larch Mountain Road in Multnomah County. 12/31/1997
CRGNSA-04-92 No camping in developed or dispersed sites for more than 14 consecutive days or 28 days in a year. 05/12/1992

Motor Vehicle Use 

Motor vehicles and ATVs/ORVs are only permitted on National Forest System lands or roads that are shown on the map below. (Does not apply to existing state, county, or private roads.)

Development Regulations

National Scenic Area Act regulations for land use and developments are spelled out in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Management Plan. Generally, the Gorge Commission reviews proposals for private and state lands and general management areas. The Forest Service reviews proposals for special management areas and federal agencies. See the Land Management and Planning section of our website for more details.