Eagle Creek Fire Response

Eagle Creek Fire was a highly visible, fast-moving fire that shut down large parts of the Columbia River Gorge in September 2017. We're working closely with local counties, state and federal agencies, and non-profits to respond to its aftermath.

The Fire Story

View of landscape and waterfall from plane.

Learn the story behind Eagle Creek Fire.

Ongoing Response Work

Image of beargrass growing in burned soil.

News on assessments, mitigations, and repairs. 

How to Help

Trail work party PCTA and Mazamas.

Find out how to volunteer and get involved.

Post-Fire Hazards

Trail washed out with post fire debris

Review post-fire risks & safety tips.

How to Stay Safe

Man in hard hat.

How to Stay Safe: Tips for visitors

What's Open?

Sign at Starvation Creek

Find out what's open and what to expect.

Economic Recovery

Multnomah Falls lodge restaurant

The gorge is open for business!

Fire Ecology

Forested area with smoldering fire

Learn about how forests regenerate after fire.

Maps and Data

Graphic: Image of a soil burn map.

Incident records, maps and data.

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